Web Introspector

Web Introspector is web's technical conscience.

Discover and analyze information, crawl, audit websites.

All in one package.

What we can do for your website

Quality insights

  • collect metrics
    • HTTP headers
    • page signatures
  • seo analysis Beta


Your website has to meet some certain criteria, and you want to make sure that you are getting there?

Security checks

afraid of being hacked?Beta

Other uses

  • discover links in a domain
  • extract and analyze content from a website Beta - our crawlers can extract almost any type of data and analyze it
  • dig for something specific, like a piece of data
  • download content from a website
  • analyze FTP storages, source code repositories, and other "exotic" places

How it works

Our system is offered as a service
(you don’t have to install, customize, tailor, optimize software)

Our system is designed to be scalable, it can analyze a large number of websites

Regular service for your business - based on a subscription model

For more information you can tweet to us, visit our facebook page, or you can simply drop us a line using the following form:

We are a team of dedicated developers, located both in the Netherlands and in Romania.